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Our Story

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Why we started Augie Treats

In our search to find the perfect granola to sit atop our morning yogurt, or pair with a bowl of a milk, nothing seemed to do the trick. We thought there had to be a better granola out there, and we set out to make it—with a depth of flavor, focus on organic and carefully sourced ingredients, and an obsessive drive to perfect every batch coming out of our bakery.

We think we achieved something special; a granola that is entirely different than what's found in the dusty bins of health food and grocery stores. It will transform your breakfasts—as it has for thousands of our customers. Just don't blame us when you can't eat anything else 😋

Who we are and where we bake

Augie Treats is a family business, founded by Nancy Booke, a formerly NYC-based chef and designer. Seeking a life closer to nature, she moved to the Hudson Valley, and set out to master the art of making granola. Her two sons—Milo Booke and Henry Booke—assist her with baking, and the management and expansion of the business.

All of our products are made in small batches in our Pine Plains, NY bakery.